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To apply for help you will need an Application Form, and you will need a sponsor, who may be, for example, your doctor, social worker, Citizens Advice Bureau, health visitor, head teacher, priest or other faith leader with authority to vouch for you and who is prepared to handle any grant on your behalf.

The Application Form must be carefully read and completed in full, showing your need and all details of current income and expenditure. It must be accompanied by a supporting letter from your sponsor together with any relevant details and estimates.

The sponsor will then send the application form and accompanying papers to us through the post. As our funds are limited all applications are means tested, and only modest requests are likely to be met in full. If successful a small grant will be sent by cheque to your sponsor.

Successful applicants generally receive only one payment which will seldom exceed £200. In cases where the application is for household goods, applicants are encouraged to buy good quality second hand items such as are available now at many Re-cycling centers and charity shops. Lists of these can be provided.

To download an Application form click here: Application Form and privacy notice

Completed Application Forms should be sent to;

Northcott Devon Foundation
1b, Victoria Road

Tel: 01395 269204